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My Favourite Hotels

I recently read an article about what hotel guests love and hate about the establishments they stay in. It started me thinking about the hotels I have visited and I realised that it generally wasn’t the most expensive or prestigious properties that had impressed me the most. I understand that the higher prices of the more expensive hotels may have raised my expectations and caused me to be more critical but even considering this fact my best memories are largely of some cheaper stays. Continue reading

Does Four in a Room work?


Many of the best prices for holidays that you see advertised are based on four people sharing a room.  I have to say that such a level of overcrowding had never appealed to me despite the fact that I love a bargain and so I was shocked to find myself agreeing to such a trip. It was my friend’s birthday and he wanted to spend four days at Disneyland Paris. None of us had money to burn and so we opted for the cheapest deal and I was left wondering if we were facing disaster. Continue reading