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US National Parks to Close

The United States is today facing its first Government shut down since 1995. The US Congress has failed to agree a budget by the annual deadline as Republicans hold government services to ransom in an attempt to halt President Barack Obama’s healthcare reforms. You may ask what this has to do with travel as this is a political argument but if the shutdown goes ahead the impact on tourism will be immense. Continue reading

Completing the 50 States


Since I first set foot in America I have been gripped by the need to visit all of the United States. I want to be able to say that I have had at least one foot in each of the 50 states but I haven’t the faintest clue why I want to do this. I know for a fact that there are several places on the list that I have no real interest in and I haven’t met so much as one American who feels the need to visit every corner of his own country so why do I? One thing is perfectly clear, though. If I am going to achieve my ambition I need to get on with it sharpish because I am running out of time. Continue reading

San Francisco Against The Clock


San Francisco is often referred to as “everyone’s favourite city” and it doesn’t take much time in the place to realise why. With a spectacular setting on the bay and the backdrop of the mountains the location certainly takes some beating. Add in the drama of the steep hills, the gorgeous architecture and a vibrant waterfront and you have a truly unique city bustling with life and full of interesting attractions. Continue reading

Marco Island


Marco Island is a small community 10 miles south of Naples on the gulf coast of Florida. The island is connected to the mainland by a road bridge and is an easy drive from the Everglades National Park. The island is principally a retirement community and winter retreat for the wealthy but is also a fantastic base for a few quiet days after the rigours of the theme parks in Orlando. Keen fishermen might want to dwell even longer because Marco is a fishermen’s paradise in the sun! Continue reading