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A Record-Breaking Hike of Hadrian’s Wall

The length of Hadrian’s wall makes for an interesting, if lengthy hike. Recently RAF Airman Charlie Hammerton set off to tackle the 84 mile walk but his was no ordinary journey. He was looking to raise funds for charity and to get over the loss of his mother by breaking the record for the fastest hike of the wall by a human-animal duo! Continue reading

Walk the Line

May 2015 saw the opening of a new attraction in London that will appeal to art lovers and ramblers alike. The Line is a series of three connected walks in East London beginning in North Greenwich. Sculptures have been placed along the route, many by household-name artists. The Line sounds like a decent idea but there are some issues with the walk not the least of which is signage! Continue reading

My Favourite Hotels

I recently read an article about what hotel guests love and hate about the establishments they stay in. It started me thinking about the hotels I have visited and I realised that it generally wasn’t the most expensive or prestigious properties that had impressed me the most. I understand that the higher prices of the more expensive hotels may have raised my expectations and caused me to be more critical but even considering this fact my best memories are largely of some cheaper stays. Continue reading

The Curious Incident

As a frequent theatre goer I was horrified by the recent ceiling collapse in London’s West End. Without warning large volumes of debris fell on the unsuspecting audience of the Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time at the Apollo Theatre. As yet no cause for the collapse has been identified making it a curious incident at the Curious Incident! All joking aside the episode is rather unsettling not least because I am in possession of tickets for the show. Continue reading

In Search of a Christmas Tree

One of the great joys of travelling is the excitement of discovering exciting new places whether they are a spectacular national park or a great restaurant. I have travelled far and wide in search of the next adventure and so you can imagine my surprise when I stumbled across two great places which were right on my doorstep. I thought I was acquainted which pretty much everything in my immediate area but I was wrong and my little adventure started with a Christmas tree! Continue reading

Longacres Garden Centre

I live on the Surrey/Berkshire border and there are several garden centres within a short drive of my house. They have not featured on my hot list of places to go, mainly because I hate gardening! If you don’t need any plants or tools a visit to a garden centre doesn’t tend to be a high priority but I have just discovered that it should be! In search of Christmas decorations I decided to pay a couple of these places a visit and boy did I get a surprise. Continue reading

Christmas Attractions In London

London always feels like the retail capital of the universe at Christmas. Millions of shoppers flood into the city in search of their festive food and gifts and there is a wonderful atmosphere about the place. If you are making a trip to the capital there are also plenty of seasonal attractions to enjoy if you can pull yourself away from the shopping. London really comes alive at Christmas and here are some of the things you really shouldn’t miss. Continue reading

Memories of Bath


I spent the first eight years of my life as a resident of Bristol. It was an exciting city to live in and I certainly had plenty of adventures but one of the highlights of any week was a trip to Bath. My mother had to travel over to beautiful Bath regularly and I always wanted to tag along. After a little shopping and visiting her friends at the stationery supplier there was always time to enjoy the other sights. Continue reading

Why Go Shopping on Holiday?

Speaking as someone whose ideal holiday is a getaway in the mountains with no crowds and wonderful scenery I am shocked to find that for many people it is shopping that tops the list of things to do whilst away. Despite the global recession many travellers can’t wait to part with their cash on a trip to the shops and I find this astonishing! For me shopping is a generally a chore especially as these days most high streets and malls have exactly the same brands on offer and are largely interchangeable but it would appear that I am an exception. Continue reading