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More Problems with Packing

Packing for a lengthy holiday has never been the easiest of tasks for me as my trips generally involve a variety of activities and destinations which all have their own wardrobe requirements! Packing is straightforward if you are just going to spend two weeks on a beach because shorts, t shirts and a couple of bikinis will suffice. This year I thought that a couple of weeks on the beach was exactly what I was going to get until I decided to add a three day visit to a ranch, throw in some horse riding and promised myself that I would keep up my running whilst I was a away. Continue reading

How the Right Holiday Home Can Make All the Difference

I have never been a great fan of hotels, preferring instead to rent a holiday home when I travel. I enjoy the additional space and freedom of a home from home and have learnt that choosing the right one can truly be the making of a great holiday. It might sound crazy but I would even go so far as to allow my choice of destination to be dictated by the available property. That is because a great house in a brilliant location can be such a delight and will totally transform my evenings after my adventures during the day. Continue reading

Plitvice Lakes National Park

IMG_1003 (833x1250)

It isn’t often that I choose a holiday destination on the recommendation of a vet but in the case of Croatia I had to make an exception. My vet is Serbian but has a Slovenian grandmother and so he was interested to hear that I had enjoyed several trips to Slovenia. I expressed the desire to see more of the former Yugoslav republics and he informed me that I should put Plitvice Lakes in Croatia at the top of my hit list. I nodded sagely and said that I would certainly do that but privately I had never heard of the place! Continue reading