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Being a football and music fan I have found myself a frequent visitor to Wembley for events at both the stadium and the arena. I have always cringed at the area around the venues because Wembley has frankly always been a less than picturesque part of London and it has been hard to avoid wondering what tourists must think when they find themselves in Wembley High Street making their way to an event.  It is a shame that our national stadium has such an unattractive location or that some of the millions spent on the site couldn’t have been directed at the surrounding region.

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Fancy A Free Night Out?


These days a night out at the theatre or a gig can be very costly. With seats in the West End costing anything up to £150 it is difficult to finance a night on the town and so such trips can become occasional luxuries. So what do you do if you like a bit of live entertainment but your bank balance isn’t looking too favourable? One solution is to attend a recordings of a television show. Continue reading