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Loving Limoncello

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I cannot imagine why but I hadn’t tasted Limoncello until I visited the Sorrento region back in 2011. For those not in the know the drink is a lemon liqueur which has been made in the region for 100 years and more and is the second most popular liqueur in Italy. It is made by soaking the zest of the gorgeous Sorrento lemons in rectified spirit and then adding sugar syrup. The drink was quite a revelation to me but not for entirely good reasons. Continue reading

Travelling With Awkward Feet


I love travelling and take as many trips as my time and budget will allow. It isn’t only my budget that causes issues, however, it is also my feet! I adore adventure sports, hiking and exploring new cities but my feet are problematic causing my footwear to be a make or break feature of any holiday. Not only do I have to take a selection of shoes that would rival Imelda Marcos, said shoes must be carefully chosen to ensure that I can last the course. Continue reading