Monthly Archives: January 2015

Landmark Buildings

When I was a very little girl I experienced many long drives from Bristol to Kent to visit family. After miles and miles of countryside with few sights to occupy the mind of a youngster we would enter the metropolis and my Mother would point out landmarks and buildings to keep me from boredom.  It was the Firestone Building which always stuck in my mind as we would travel during the Christmas period and Firestone always had a wonderful display of Christmas trees in front of their Iconic premises. Continue reading

A Cautionary Tale

Travelling can yield many delights and the most fabulous memories but sadly things don’t always go to plan and you can end up taking a trip that you would rather forget. It always pays to research your destination well in the hope that you can avoid most of the potential pitfalls. If you set off in blissful ignorance or do not heed the warnings then you could easily run into trouble no matter how seasoned a traveller you are. Continue reading