Monthly Archives: February 2014

Sending Myself to a Concentration Camp


Sometimes the inspiration for a holiday can come in the most unusual ways. I ended up booking a trip on impulse after watching a TV programme about dentistry in Poland! The broadcast did unveil the interesting possibility of having my teeth treated abroad but that wasn’t the reason for my desire to travel. Continue reading

The Goats, the Dog and the Beverley Hillbillie

IMG_0853 (500x750)

Last year a hike in the Julian Alps of Slovenia resulted in the most bizarre interlude at a small croft in the mountains. I had taken a lengthy and steep hike up to a beautiful lake and was making my way down again when I encountered the most extraordinary individual. The whole episode began when I saw a gorgeous ginger cat perched on a post outside of the small farm. Continue reading

School Holiday Travel


There has been much publicity about the costs of raising a child. The numbers are scary when you add them up. Factor in the expense of a larger home, time off work, food, toys and education and the expense amounts to a small fortune.  Include expensive gadgets, mobile phones, and youngster’s increasing thirst for fashion and the situation looks worse. If you consider the possibility of further education, boutique clothing and holidays it is enough to put you off having any kids at all. Continue reading

Beyond Yosemite

Every year millions of tourists head for Yosemite National Park in California to experience the many natural wonders of one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Whilst there is plenty to keep you occupied within the park limits, there are some spectacular destinations just beyond the entrances which are well worth exploring too. If you can spare a day or two beyond the park here are the places to head for. Continue reading

Get Out of London Theatre


West End shows make for a wonderful evening out but they are now very costly. It is possible to get your hands on discounted tickets through schemes like Get Into London Theatre and via special offers but it is never going to be cheap. This makes it all the more annoying when your entertainment is ruined by the behaviour of certain members of the audience. I have been attending shows for more than 40 years and I am sure that standards of behaviour are slipping. I wish that these idiots would get out of London theatre! Continue reading

The Quality Of Life In Modern Britain

A new building site has recently been established close to my home. I feared it would be another housing development which would put yet more strain on our local roads and services. On this occasion the construction work has turned out to the redevelopment of a hospital but this is just a very small light at the end of an enormously long tunnel. Continue reading