The Quality Of Life In Modern Britain

A new building site has recently been established close to my home. I feared it would be another housing development which would put yet more strain on our local roads and services. On this occasion the construction work has turned out to the redevelopment of a hospital but this is just a very small light at the end of an enormously long tunnel.

Weather and the Economy

We have just started to show signs of emerging from a lengthy recession. News of our improving economy was followed swiftly by a period of appalling weather which has dampened the spirits and flooded half of the countryside. I am glad that the economy is picking up but the change of fortunes has done little to make me feel better about life in Britain because, for me, there is a bigger problem and that is the ever increasing size of the population.


Many people are voicing concerns over immigration and politicians are paying lip service to the issue by making vague promises about greater controls but no government is going to do much to curb the influx because we need the immigrants for economic growth. The country gets bigger, the economy gets bigger, the politicians can crow about their economic success. It is a treadmill and I wish we could press the stop button even if there are financial penalties to pay.

Traffic and Queues


It is our population density that is ruining the quality of life in this country and it looks set to get worse. I can’t remember the last time I drove anywhere without delays on the road unless it was in the middle of the night. I queue to get into the supermarket car park, I queue to pay in the shop, I queue to get out of the car park and I can’t even be bothered to go to the petrol station because I would be there all day.

Staying at Home

I don’t bother going out on bank holidays because the roads are too busy as are any of the places I might wish to visit. I daren’t get injured because if I go to the hospital I may be drawing my pension before I get out again. What was an area with several separate local communities is now one big unbroken urban sprawl. There are too many people here and you only realise how bad it is when you leave the country and
see what it is like elsewhere.

Pastures New


I have spent my last few holidays in Slovenia where there are never traffic jams, you never queue for anything and you can always find somewhere to park. When you set off for somewhere you don’t have to leave ludicrously early because you won’t get held up and you can literally pop to the shops without having to take a day off work.

The Solution

I marvel at just how much time I waste in Britain stuck in traffic jams and queuing for things. I spend hours and hours bogged down, looking at my watch and marvelling at just how much time is dripping away before my eyes. My only comfort is that I think there is a fair chance that the immigration problem will sort itself out without Government intervention. The people won’t stop coming but their arrival will be more than cancelled out by the numbers leaving because they can’t take it anymore!


Article By Sally Stacey