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The Goats, the Dog and the Beverley Hillbillie

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Last year a hike in the Julian Alps of Slovenia resulted in the most bizarre interlude at a small croft in the mountains. I had taken a lengthy and steep hike up to a beautiful lake and was making my way down again when I encountered the most extraordinary individual. The whole episode began when I saw a gorgeous ginger cat perched on a post outside of the small farm. Continue reading

The Quality Of Life In Modern Britain

A new building site has recently been established close to my home. I feared it would be another housing development which would put yet more strain on our local roads and services. On this occasion the construction work has turned out to the redevelopment of a hospital but this is just a very small light at the end of an enormously long tunnel. Continue reading

Value for Money on the Pistes

Skiing holidays don’t come cheap wherever you go and some of the top resorts are totally beyond the pockets of many travellers. There are, however, ways of mitigating the expense and you can even ski on some of the top pistes without paying their extortionate charges. So how do you save money on your winter break? Continue reading

A Nightmare Hike

Sometimes things don’t go entirely according to plan when you are hiking in the mountains. I have learnt to my cost that it pays to be prepared for all eventualities and one thing you should always do is check the weather forecast which is exactly what I didn’t do when a hike turned into a nightmare. What started as a pleasant walk in the sunshine to one of my favourite beauty spots quickly descended into a highly unpleasant experience. Continue reading

Picture Perfect Piran


The beautiful nation of Slovenia is yet to experience a boom in tourism. Those who do visit Slovenia generally base themselves in the Capital Ljubljana or in the fabulous Julian Alps to the north. Slovenia, however, is a nation of great contrasts and surprises offering something for everyone to enjoy and that includes a stunning stretch of coastline. Continue reading

A Self Sufficient Lifestyle in Slovenia


On my recent trips to Slovenia I have found many things to admire about this small country. This is a nation with an embarrassment of natural riches including glorious mountain scenery, crystal clear rivers and unspoilt forests. There are also many pretty historic towns and villages to explore but one of the most impressive things about this lovely country is the level of self-sufficiency many of the people still manage to maintain. Continue reading

What’s Happening In Bovec?

There aren’t many places in Europe where you can take a skiing holiday on a budget without some sort of compromise in terms of the quality of the snow and the resort. Until 2013 Bovec in Slovenia was a fabulous choice with low prices, a pleasant town, great snow and wonderful scenery but all that changed in an instant and now the resort sits dormant waiting for someone to rescue the situation. Continue reading

Paradise on Earth

There can be few places on earth as breathtakingly beautiful and serene as the Soča Valley in Slovenia. The portion of the river near the town of Bovec was used as the filming location in the movie “Chronicles of Narnia – Prince Caspian” and it is not difficult to see why the director chose this wonderful place for the film. Continue reading