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Value for Money on the Pistes

Skiing holidays don’t come cheap wherever you go and some of the top resorts are totally beyond the pockets of many travellers. There are, however, ways of mitigating the expense and you can even ski on some of the top pistes without paying their extortionate charges. So how do you save money on your winter break? Continue reading

Ski Tarvisio


If you don’t happen to live in or near a winter resort skiing can be an expensive hobby. By the time you have invested in the necessary equipment and paid for your accommodation and lift passes it is all too easy to spend a fortune. The premier resorts are extremely costly but there are alternatives which are well worth exploring if you want to make your hard earned cash stretch a little further. One destination to consider is Tarvisio in the Julian Alps of north eastern Italy. Continue reading

Holiday Packing Nightmare Part 2

I have written about holiday packing on several occasions, mainly regarding the difficulties of confining yourself to your luggage allowance. This can be a major issue if you are travelling with hand luggage only or if you are on a sporting trip which requires equipment. I have often struggled to squeeze all my hiking gear into a small case and skiing is a total nightmare but I have now discovered a bigger one! Continue reading

What’s Happening In Bovec?

There aren’t many places in Europe where you can take a skiing holiday on a budget without some sort of compromise in terms of the quality of the snow and the resort. Until 2013 Bovec in Slovenia was a fabulous choice with low prices, a pleasant town, great snow and wonderful scenery but all that changed in an instant and now the resort sits dormant waiting for someone to rescue the situation. Continue reading