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Exploding the Myths about Wine


There is nothing that is calculated to make mere mortals feel inferior more than a wine expert. Their seemingly incredible ability to discern a multitude of flavours and aromas from a single bottle of plonk is quite intimidating and matched only by the flowery language they use to describe what they have experienced. Listening to some of their proclamations would lead you to believe that certain vintages represent an orgasm in a bottle but I have privately suspected for years that this overblown hyperbole might not be all that it seems. Continue reading

Loving Limoncello

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I cannot imagine why but I hadn’t tasted Limoncello until I visited the Sorrento region back in 2011. For those not in the know the drink is a lemon liqueur which has been made in the region for 100 years and more and is the second most popular liqueur in Italy. It is made by soaking the zest of the gorgeous Sorrento lemons in rectified spirit and then adding sugar syrup. The drink was quite a revelation to me but not for entirely good reasons. Continue reading

Illness Abroad


It is all too easy to get wrapped up in the excitement of a holiday and to forget that things can and do go wrong. I learnt at an early age how important travel insurance can be and in later life I never left home without adequate cover. Even the healthiest people and the best laid plans can fall prey to disaster and usually just when you don’t expect it. Continue reading

Is Pompeii Crumbling?


The Roman city of Pompeii was buried during an eruption of Vesuvius in AD79 and remained hidden until excavations began in the 19h century. Now some two thirds of the ancient city has been revealed but there are fears that the combined effect of a high number of tourists visiting, the wet weather and poor maintenance are causing Pompeii to crumble. Continue reading

The Cats of Torre Argentina


Rome is a stunning city with architectural marvels around every corner. Tourists flock to the eternal city to marvel at the ancient Roman ruins and Renaissance masterpieces but there is one special place that many do not see which is situated just a few hundred metres from the busy and fashionable shopping area of Via Condotti and the Piazza Venezia at the heart of the city. Largo di Torre Argentina is a beautiful square containing some spectacular Roman ruins but is equally notable for its feline residents. Continue reading

Value for Money on the Pistes

Skiing holidays don’t come cheap wherever you go and some of the top resorts are totally beyond the pockets of many travellers. There are, however, ways of mitigating the expense and you can even ski on some of the top pistes without paying their extortionate charges. So how do you save money on your winter break? Continue reading

Ski Tarvisio


If you don’t happen to live in or near a winter resort skiing can be an expensive hobby. By the time you have invested in the necessary equipment and paid for your accommodation and lift passes it is all too easy to spend a fortune. The premier resorts are extremely costly but there are alternatives which are well worth exploring if you want to make your hard earned cash stretch a little further. One destination to consider is Tarvisio in the Julian Alps of north eastern Italy. Continue reading