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Are We There Yet?

Sitting next to a very smart car in a queue of traffic recently I realised how much nicer it is these days to be a passenger. The kids were in the back watching cartoons on seat back screens unconcerned about the length of the journey. I bet parents who can afford such gadgets don’t have to listen to endless wails of “are we there yet” coming from the back of the car. Indeed the kids are probably disappointed to arrive. Continue reading

Value for Money on the Pistes

Skiing holidays don’t come cheap wherever you go and some of the top resorts are totally beyond the pockets of many travellers. There are, however, ways of mitigating the expense and you can even ski on some of the top pistes without paying their extortionate charges. So how do you save money on your winter break? Continue reading

A Nightmare Hike

Sometimes things don’t go entirely according to plan when you are hiking in the mountains. I have learnt to my cost that it pays to be prepared for all eventualities and one thing you should always do is check the weather forecast which is exactly what I didn’t do when a hike turned into a nightmare. What started as a pleasant walk in the sunshine to one of my favourite beauty spots quickly descended into a highly unpleasant experience. Continue reading

Wandering Off Track

The new Discovery channel programme Bear Grylls: Escape From Hell tells the stories of those who have been lost in dangerous territory and survived. You would think that these would be tales of intrepid daring do and would feature mainly people who live life on the edge but most of the stories are actually about normal people doing relatively normal things. These are ordinary folk who have found themselves lost whilst out trekking or skiing not explorers in search of remote civilisations. The more I watch, the more it has hit home how easy it is to find yourself in trouble on even a comparatively mundane trip. Continue reading

Christmas Attractions In London

London always feels like the retail capital of the universe at Christmas. Millions of shoppers flood into the city in search of their festive food and gifts and there is a wonderful atmosphere about the place. If you are making a trip to the capital there are also plenty of seasonal attractions to enjoy if you can pull yourself away from the shopping. London really comes alive at Christmas and here are some of the things you really shouldn’t miss. Continue reading

Memories of Bath


I spent the first eight years of my life as a resident of Bristol. It was an exciting city to live in and I certainly had plenty of adventures but one of the highlights of any week was a trip to Bath. My mother had to travel over to beautiful Bath regularly and I always wanted to tag along. After a little shopping and visiting her friends at the stationery supplier there was always time to enjoy the other sights. Continue reading

Ski Tarvisio


If you don’t happen to live in or near a winter resort skiing can be an expensive hobby. By the time you have invested in the necessary equipment and paid for your accommodation and lift passes it is all too easy to spend a fortune. The premier resorts are extremely costly but there are alternatives which are well worth exploring if you want to make your hard earned cash stretch a little further. One destination to consider is Tarvisio in the Julian Alps of north eastern Italy. Continue reading

A Love of Rocks and Minerals


I can still remember when my fascination with the beauty of the Earth’s rocks and minerals began. I was sitting outside of the family tent in Switzerland carefully washing the stones I had collected earlier from the nearby lake. As I examined my finds a climber from the tent next door wandered over to ask what I liked about the stones and I informed him rather lamely that I was looking for sparkly ones but hadn’t found any. Continue reading

The Trümmelbach Falls


Despite the fact that I usually prefer natural wonders which have not been commercialised, I absolutely adore the Trümmelbach Falls in Switzerland. These cascades attract a multitude of visitors and there is an entrance fee but it is well worth braving the hordes to see these majestic cascades in action. Situated in the picturesque Lauterbrunnen Valley, the falls are a must see if you are visiting the stunning Bernese Oberland region of Switzerland. Continue reading

I need a Holiday but Can I afford the time?


We all love our vacations and these breaks form the highlight of most people’s year. We spend a great deal of time planning them which is part of the fun and they provide us with something to look forward to for the rest of the year. In these harsh economic times, however, it is tempting to make savings by cancelling the annual trip and if you are under pressure with your work it can feel frivolous to go away. I firmly believe that our breaks should never be missed and that they actually play an important role in helping us cope with our busy lives. Continue reading