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Holiday Souvenirs

Most holidaymakers like to bring back some sort of souvenir of their trip but treating yourself to something will eat into your spending money and tourist traps are not known for their bargain prices. It has to be said that a lot of what is brought back is basically rubbish which people wouldn’t dream of buying any other time of year so why do they buy it when they are on holiday? Continue reading

Paris In A Day

You may well ask why anyone would want to attempt to do Paris in a day and the truth is that in an ideal world I wouldn’t even attempt such a feat. There is much to see and do in this great city but on a recent visit to France I had just one day to introduce the sights and sounds of the French capital to two friends who had never visited Paris before. After a little thought I devised a tour which resembled one of those theatre shows which attempt to present the entire works of Shakespeare in two hours. So there I was on the train heading into the city facing the highlights of Paris – abridged. Continue reading