Why Is The UK The Promised Land?

I always look forward to my travels with great glee. I can never wait to get away in order to enjoy beautiful scenery and a better climate. Furthermore my travels offer a welcome break from traffic jams and queuing for everything wherever I go. Whilst I am always dreaming of an escape, however, it appears that much of the rest of the world dreams of nothing but getting into the UK.

New Measures

People are often travelling across many other countries to gain access to the UK and the numbers emigrating from European Union countries are huge. Today David Cameron has announced his intention to restrict benefits for migrants and has been accused of being mean by European Commissioner Laszlo Andor. This gentlemen is taking the moral high ground but has clearly never had to live in the UK. It is OK for officials from other countries to cast aspirations but they don’t have to live with the consequences of mass immigration. Everybody wants to come here but we simply don’t have room for them or the finances to fund the benefit payments that inevitably ensue.

Real Life

I am tired of being told that we need migrants. Yes we need some migrants to deal with skills shortages but we don’t need everyone else. Whilst officials are busy telling me how much my nation needs an influx of people, I have to cope with real life. Since I moved to my current home the population in the area has increased dramatically. The roads are permanently clogged with traffic, I have to queue for everything, I have struggled to register with a dentist, doctors have closed their patient lists and there is a great deal of unemployment. There are many days when I can’t even get into the car park in my local supermarket let alone park in it. Heaven help me if I need to visit the hospital because I will probably die waiting to see someone.

Close the Doors

The UK is not the Promised Land. It is creaking at the seams as more and more people flood in. Things are only going to get worse as the restrictions on Romanian and Bulgarian migration are soon to come to an end and new nations are joining the European Union. It is time to close our doors and let some of the other nations take the strain. I suggest that attitudes may change at that point.

The irony is that the problem may actually solve itself in the long run. I can see the day when vast numbers of UK citizens pack their bags and migrate somewhere else. It is certainly an option that I am considering. I know holidays are not an indication of how living in a country might be but they certainly give you a few clues. With better weather, less traffic and no overcrowding there are a few economically stable nations I could mention which are starting to look very appealing! David Cameron’s proposals are good news but I am not getting the party supplies out yet. The only party I am likely to have any time soon is a leaving one. How sad!


Article by Sally Stacey