How to Improve the Experience of Flying

Flying has become much cheaper in real terms over the last few years and it would appear that we are all doing a lot more of it. I take several flights each year and whilst things mostly go well, sometimes I find myself desperate to get off the plane! When you can fly across Europe for less than the price of a train ticket to Manchester it seems a bit churlish to complain but there are some things which could be done to improve the overall experience. The trouble is most of the problems are caused by the passengers!


I have no issue with the relatively cramped conditions on aircraft. If we are going to fly cheap it is necessary to pack in the people.  I don’t particularly mind being charged for taking luggage either. What I do mind is the endless stream of people who think that the hand luggage rules don’t apply to them. Why do so many passengers walk into the cabin with large bags that quickly fill the overhead bins? It never ceases to amaze me that these fools get really upset when their bags don’t fit and the cabin crew insist on checking them into the hold. I am tired of watching people wrestle with their sports equipment and musical instruments. I always seem to get smacked in the face by whatever they are trying to manhandle and then am delayed exiting the plane whilst they struggle to get the stuff out again. Put it in the hold!


Bad food is probably inevitable when flying as reheated food in a plastic tray is never going to be great. What I don’t understand is the coffee. Coffee on aircraft is almost always disgusting and there is no excuse for that. How difficult can it be to pour water onto granules or ground coffee? Some airlines proudly boast that their coffee is supplied by Starbucks or Costa. If I were those organisations I would get my name removed! If the coffee is free things are not so bad but when you have to pay for it you should get something which is at least drinkable.


The single most annoying thing about flying is the ridiculous behaviour of passengers struggling with the simple act of taking their seat. They walk onto the plane, locate their row and then stand there blocking the aisle for an age whilst they fiddle with their bag. There are always an endless number of passengers raking around trying to find the things they need for the journey whilst the rest of the hapless flyers stand around unable to reach their seats. Get your stuff ready before you get on for heaven’s sake.


When flying I like to read and these days that means using my Kindle. It is annoying enough when you have to turn it off for take-off and landing but totally infuriating when in runs out of charge. This will always happen on a transatlantic flight but can also be a problem short haul if you have been left sitting in the departure lounge for any length of time. Please could we have a charging point on the seats? I would even be prepared to pay!


Article By Sally Stacey