Roller Disco in London

If you are looking for a totally different night out in London with a bit of sparkle thrown in then consider trying roller disco! It might sound like a throw-back to the 1970’s which it is in many ways but what a fun night out to remember that everyone can enjoy and which won’t break the bank.


The Renaissance Rooms are in Vauxhall, south London just a short walk from the underground station. Hidden away in a small backstreet the entrance is unspectacular and looks no different to an ordinary club but as soon as you pass through the door you enter a different world. The music is pulsing and everyone is smiling as they wiz around the floor. You start by collecting a pair of skates and there is help on hand to get them on before you join the fun.


The club is divided into two rooms with one playing House music and the other jazz funk and disco hits from the 1970’s. You don’t need to be able to skate as beginners are welcome and you will see everything from expert skaters to mal coordinated beginners clinging to the rails at the side. If the antics of the other visitors are not enough entertainment, the uplifting and catchy music will get you in the mood to party for sure. The floor isn’t massive but it is big enough to skate at a good pace and is surrounded by safety bars for those who need a little support!

Taking a Break

There is a bar with reasonable prices for when you need a break and some refreshment and plenty of seats when you fancy a rest from the skating. The club attracts and wide range of clientele of all ages which helps the party atmosphere.

Dress for the Occasion

The Renaissance Rooms are a popular choice for party groups and so the place is often a riot of colour with many opting to sport neon tulle skirts, leg warmers and light sticks. You will wonder if you have stumbled across the set of Fame on some nights as the dance floor is packed with pink tutus and adornments like flashing lights and personalised printed inflatables.


The club is open Thursday to Sunday and on Sunday afternoon for kids aged 5 to 14. Some Sunday nights are Carnival themed with the sounds of South America and the Caribbean. At just £10 – £14 per person including skate hire this place is great value whether you are having a party or just looking for a great night out.


Article by Sally Stacey