Travelling With Your Jewellery

Most of us have to travel for work, leisure or both. Packing can sometimes be a challenge as luggage allowances always limit how much we can take with us. Choosing the right selection of clothes is important to ensure that you have enough outfits for the trip and that you have all eventualities covered. In addition to considering your clothes you must also decide what accessories you need and how much of your jewellery to travel with.

Do You Need Your Jewellery?

The first question you have to ask yourself is whether to take any jewellery at all. The answer is probably yes as most trips will feature nights out and other occasions when you would like to look your best. However, travelling with jewellery does present risks and so taking your entire collection would almost certainly be a mistake.

The Dangers

In some parts of the world flaunting valuable jewellery could put you at risk of being mugged. It is an unpleasant thought but it is a consideration. Valuables can also be stolen from your room or apartment so if you do travel with them then make sure that you have adequate insurance coverage for your pieces. It is best to check both your home contents policy and your travel policy as either could have provision for your jewellery.

You should also bear in mind that checked luggage does regularly go missing when you are travelling by air and so valuables are best packed in your hand luggage so they are with you at all times. If you are travelling outside of the European Union do remember that certain materials may not be permitted to enter your chosen destination and some of these pertain to jewellery. Seeds, wood and bark are potential issues so if you have any pieces which contain these materials then leave them at home.

The Safer Option

With the obvious risks involved it can be best to leave any gemstone jewellery safely in your bedroom and travel with fashion jewellery instead. Obviously you won’t want to lose that either but the financial loss will be a great deal easier to take! A few carefully chosen pieces of fashion jewellery are the perfect fit for holiday travel anyway and brightly coloured designs like, perhaps, Coeur de Lion pieces are ideal accessories for summer holiday attire.


If you are taking some jewellery away with you then pack it carefully to prevent damage and to avoid chains becoming tangled. A small padded pouch or bag is a great choice and you can store each piece of jewellery separately by placing them in small plastic bags. Keep all of your pieces together so you know where they are and check regularly to make sure that you still have them.

Travelling with jewellery always carries the risk of loss or damage but choosing the right pieces for the trip, packing them well and carrying them in your hand luggage will certainly help. Be careful but but paranoid as you shouldn’t let your worries spoil your trip!

Article by Sally Stacey