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Landmark Buildings

When I was a very little girl I experienced many long drives from Bristol to Kent to visit family. After miles and miles of countryside with few sights to occupy the mind of a youngster we would enter the metropolis and my Mother would point out landmarks and buildings to keep me from boredom.  It was the Firestone Building which always stuck in my mind as we would travel during the Christmas period and Firestone always had a wonderful display of Christmas trees in front of their Iconic premises. Continue reading

A Cautionary Tale

Travelling can yield many delights and the most fabulous memories but sadly things don’t always go to plan and you can end up taking a trip that you would rather forget. It always pays to research your destination well in the hope that you can avoid most of the potential pitfalls. If you set off in blissful ignorance or do not heed the warnings then you could easily run into trouble no matter how seasoned a traveller you are. Continue reading

Travelling With Your Jewellery

Most of us have to travel for work, leisure or both. Packing can sometimes be a challenge as luggage allowances always limit how much we can take with us. Choosing the right selection of clothes is important to ensure that you have enough outfits for the trip and that you have all eventualities covered. In addition to considering your clothes you must also decide what accessories you need and how much of your jewellery to travel with. Continue reading

A Must have Travel Accessory for Shared Rooms

Anyone who has been forced to travel on a limited budget will probably have experienced a holiday where they have had to share a room or an apartment with several other people and that unfortunately means sharing a bathroom. You kind of get used to that at home but when your friends have eaten all sorts or drunk too much on the trip, the bathroom can become a very smelly place, if you know what I mean, so anything to alleviate the nasty niffs is a bonus. Continue reading



Being a football and music fan I have found myself a frequent visitor to Wembley for events at both the stadium and the arena. I have always cringed at the area around the venues because Wembley has frankly always been a less than picturesque part of London and it has been hard to avoid wondering what tourists must think when they find themselves in Wembley High Street making their way to an event.  It is a shame that our national stadium has such an unattractive location or that some of the millions spent on the site couldn’t have been directed at the surrounding region.

Continue reading

Fancy A Free Night Out?


These days a night out at the theatre or a gig can be very costly. With seats in the West End costing anything up to £150 it is difficult to finance a night on the town and so such trips can become occasional luxuries. So what do you do if you like a bit of live entertainment but your bank balance isn’t looking too favourable? One solution is to attend a recordings of a television show. Continue reading

The Farnborough Air Show

IMG_1310 (1250x833)

I have to admit that I was in two minds about whether to attend this year’s Farnborough Air Show. As I live all of 10 minutes from the airfield you would think that it would be a no brainer but there were a couple of issues which I was finding it hard to get past. These were the fact that the 2012 show had been very disappointing and the enormity of the ticket price. Continue reading

How the Right Holiday Home Can Make All the Difference

I have never been a great fan of hotels, preferring instead to rent a holiday home when I travel. I enjoy the additional space and freedom of a home from home and have learnt that choosing the right one can truly be the making of a great holiday. It might sound crazy but I would even go so far as to allow my choice of destination to be dictated by the available property. That is because a great house in a brilliant location can be such a delight and will totally transform my evenings after my adventures during the day. Continue reading

Plitvice Lakes National Park

IMG_1003 (833x1250)

It isn’t often that I choose a holiday destination on the recommendation of a vet but in the case of Croatia I had to make an exception. My vet is Serbian but has a Slovenian grandmother and so he was interested to hear that I had enjoyed several trips to Slovenia. I expressed the desire to see more of the former Yugoslav republics and he informed me that I should put Plitvice Lakes in Croatia at the top of my hit list. I nodded sagely and said that I would certainly do that but privately I had never heard of the place! Continue reading

West End Live

Last Weekend I decided to attend West End Live for the first time. As a theatre lover I am not entirely sure why I haven‘t made the trip before as the theatrical extravaganza is now a well-publicised annual event. West End Live showcases London’s musicals and as it is free to attend, it promised to be a great way to catch up with some favourite shows and to grab a preview of new productions.

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